40 years strong


A not-for-profit, volunteer-run event to foster community

and support local charities.


The Quindanning Picnic Race Club is an entirely not-for-profit organisation run by a group of passionate volunteers to celebrate the community and support local charities (including the Quindanning Bush Fire Brigade, Boddington St. John Ambulance and the Quindanning Hall). 

Operating every Easter Saturday since 1979, the 'Quinny Races' is as eclectic as it is authentic. 



Steeped in history and legend, the Quinny Races were originally founded in 1919 with locals taking their horse and carts down for an afternoon of entertainment; known then as the "Brumby Races."

Disbanding for a few decades after WWII, the Quindanning Races were resurrected one New Years day in 1979 by two mates arguing over the superiority of their respective horses.


The bet was made and the wager set ($100)... with word soon getting out, crowds of over 800 people began to gather to bare witness. 


Whatever the result, it's safe to say that the legacy of the winning horse pales in comparison to the beloved community event that resulted because of it.  



Robyn Cavanagh


Mick Bowman

Vice President

Susan Batt


Paula Coby



Jason & Tracey Wiggins

Warrening Gully Farm


Harvey - Quindanning Road, Quindanning, 6391.

(08) 98857092

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