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Welcoming all amateur riders and unregistered horses

 Registration Closes March 8, 2024. 

Horse and rider registration for the three major events below must be submitted THREE weeks prior to the event. All other nominations and registrations can be completed on the day of the event. 

*Please note, the Jumbo Memorial Sprint is now a Gymkhana Event. 

Quindanning Cup

Nomination Fee: $10

First Prize:             $800

Second Prize:        $500

Third Prize:            $200


Chaff City Stakes

Nomination Fee: $10

First Prize:             $400

Second Prize:        $200

Third Prize:            $100

Please complete relevant registration forms and submit via email:

Rules & Eligibility

​Conditions of Racing
  1. No person holding a licence or permit granted by RWWA, may take part in the meeting, other than a Bookmaker approved by RWWA to field at the meeting

  2. No horse, which has raced at a registered race or harness meeting or taken part in an official barrier trial within a period of 12 months immediately prior to the meeting; or which has been in the care of any person licensed as a trainer under any code at any time within a period of six months immediately prior to the meeting, may be entered for the meeting.

  3. No race on the program can be restricted to registered thoroughbred or registered harness horses. Races for unregistered horses shall be restricted to horses that have never been registered as a thoroughbred or harness horse, or for which an application for registration has never been submitted.

  4. The nominator of each horse entered must complete a Statutory Declaration as to the ownership, identity and identification of the horse, together with its racing history (if any).

  5. Any horse recorded with a Racing Authority embargo that has not been removed by Stewards prior to the race meeting will not be permitted to start. Any horse that has been banned for life will be deemed ineligible and its nomination refused. Any horse declared a bleeder and which has not fulfilled the requirements of AR.53A (completed a satisfactory gallop of at least 1000 meters in the presence of a steward), is not permitted to be entered for the meeting.

  6. No horse is permitted to start more than once on the same day. 

  7. No horse is permitted to race if 16 years or older.

  8. All competitors must complete a waiver.

  9. All horses will be ridden at catch weights. 8. No whips or spurs may be used. 9. Every rider must wear approved boots, a skull cap that conforms to one of the standards approved by the Australian Racing Board as follows: (i) AS/NZ5.3838 2003: (ii) United States (US) ASTM F11 63-01(iii) British Standards (BS) EN 1384/1997 onwards and a body protector carrying a manufactures label indicating that it complies with the Australian Racing Board standard.

Rider Eligibility

  1. No person who has been licensed or, as an apprentice has been granted a permit to ride at races conducted by registered racing Clubs shall be eligible to ride.

  2. No person who has held a Trackwork rider’s permit at any time within three years prior to the date of the meeting shall be eligible to ride.

  3. The names of all riders shall be submitted to RWWA for approval no less than five (5) working days prior to the date of the meeting.

  4. All intending riders may be required to provide proof of identity.

Rules & Eligibility
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